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What We Do

Australasian Property Group specialises in providing attractive opportunities to clients seeking to participate in the real estate market. APG uses its skills in project management and marketing to create innovative developments with a great upside, resulting in positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

We offer a wide spectrum of services across the entire property life cycle, assisting our clients on aspects of investing in the region. We believe a successful investment requires strong capital growth, low ongoing cost, significant tax benefits and investments that minimise risk, something we constantly strive to achieve.

Our strength lies in the ability to source and fund all segments of real estate. The company, through its carefully designed policies and procedures, provides its clients with great opportunities while keeping risk low. 

what we do



By virtue of APG’s massive network and relationships in the real estate industry, the firm is able to identify upcoming opportunities and trends at an early stage. By running careful due diligence processes, market research and risk analysis, APG is able to source real estate deals which cater to a high demand market and have great upside potential. By being able to get in early, we lock in our initial costs and hence realise a greater upside after the holding period- when construction is complete and we experience a considerable compression of capitalization rates.


APG also provides opportunities to help get exposure to real estate without taking on the ownership risk and cost. 


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