APG provides a full suite of solutions for our partners as well as proprietary direct and indirect investment opportunities to clients seeking exposure to real estate in APAC. We offer a full spectrum of services across the property life-cycle, assisting and advising in property purchase, investment, finance and joint venture opportunities. The company’s unique, cutting-edge business model gives APG a genuine competitive edge over other firms in the sector, allowing us to provide successful experience for each and every client.

Investment Opportunities


At APG, we assist investors who wish to gain short-term exposure to property markets without purchasing underlying assets. Asset ownership can be accompanied by significant holding costs that require an investor to keep the asset for a long period of time in order to yield an adequate return on the investment.

Through APG’s unique investment vehicle, superior returns are generated in time frames as short as 12 to 24 months. Investors contribute to a development project rather than purchasing the property per se.


You can profit from your investment without waiting for the value of your property to grow.

There are no tax implications in Australia for your investment. In fact, APG pays Australian tax on your behalf. This is not the case when selling property in Australia as all sales are subject to capital gains tax.

When you invest in an APG property development, you are guaranteed returns with substantial interest, even if the project runs over schedule.


We believe it that every person should pursue and achieve financial security along with the other considerable personal benefits of successful investment.

We believe education and learning should precede action.

We believe successful investment requires strong capital growth, low ongoing cost, significant legal tax deductions and investment in assets that minimise risk.

Our clients are treated with respect and are empowered to make decisions that match their personal position. This in turns creates the opportunity for them to take control of their financial future.


Growing your cash reserves is an important component in wealth creation. One of the safest options available in any market is to maintain cash in the bank earning a regular bank interest rate. In Singapore, the returns of bank interest range from 0.1% to 0.28% (HSBC Singapore, 2013). These returns may be further improved by having a term deposit.

Whilst this is a safe investment option, inflation must be considered. In April of 2013, the year-on-year inflation rate eased to 1.5 percent, the lowest level in more than three years, mainly due to tightened restrictions on vehicle and property purchases (Trading Economics, 2013). It is predicted that the inflation rate in Singapore will eventually align closer to its long-term average of 2.83% (Trading Economics, 2013).

Long-term deposits made at the real rate of interest without an inflation premium would have actually produced negative returns due to the declining purchasing power of the dollar.

Did you know?

$100,000 in your bank will currently lose more than $2,500 PA in real terms after inflation. There are alternative methods of increasing your returns from your cash reserves and property is a common one. With the recent cooling measures on the property market in Singapore, many investors are looking further afield and Australia is a common destination for these funds.

Joint Development Opportunities


Australasian Property Group is a leader in property joint ventures, with a wealth of experience in all aspects of the real estate industry gathered over many years of property investment across Australia and Asia.

Typically, the company concentrates on development opportunities, as these provide the best returns on investment. We are experts in sourcing sites, assessing potential locations, securing development sites with no Development Approval, and progressing the project through each stage of the complex development process to building and final completion.

This process is defined in the following diagram

In addition, the company leverages extensive sales channels to further reduce investors’ risk, by pre-selling the majority of properties well before a project enters the build phase. We assist clients to achieve property investment objectives with unique, innovative and proven strategies. At APG, our services are unrivalled in the industry, including:

Manage your existing development in Australia*

Developing a true partnership with your organization

Introducing you to other like minded investors in your area

Source funding for your project*
*subject to it passing our rigorous success criteria

How do we achieve our ongoing success?

There is no aspect of the property development and investment business that the Australasian Property Group’s team has not experienced. Our unparalleled combination of experience and expertise ensures that we only invest in projects with a strong potential of success for our clients.

Of course, there is an element of risk in every investment. However, Australasian Property Group’s proven strategies and reliable methodologies ensure a complete understanding of the risks, and a consistent ability to mitigate and minimize these risks for APG’s clients.

Advantages of a joint venture to you

Our rigorous and proven approach to joint property investment reduces the risk for our clients, extending your business into Australia.

At APG, we offer the support and backing of an established, boutique property firm with a strong track record of project success throughout Australia.

Advantages of a joint venture to us

Partnering with our clients exposes the APG team to new investment opportunities.
The additional funding allows us to develop more properties at a faster rate, and provides flexibility to pursue additional opportunities.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the Australian property market, and have a number of exciting joint venture opportunities for our clients. Contact us today at to find out how you can work with Australasian Property Group as a joint venture partner.

Australian Finance Specialist


We understand that purchasing property in a foreign country can be challenging. The process is made even more difficult when investors must also secure a mortgage. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Mortgage Selector. Recently awarded the Hall of Fame, Mortgage Selector is one of the most highly regarded mortgage broking firms in Australia.

With access to over 500 different loans throughout the country, Mortgage Selector’s experienced advisors leverage a panel of over 20 different lenders from banks and other lending institutions. Plus, they utilise a sophisticated mortgage software profiling tool to identify the most suitable mortgage for every client and every situation. Best of all, they do not charge their clients a fee for this service. 

Mortgage Selector’s expert advisors will guide you through the mortgage process, providing advice and support every step of the way. Whether you would like to buy a new home, refinance your mortgage or purchase an investment property, contact a mortgage broker from Mortgage Selector at to discuss your current requirements today.


Mortgage Selector’s Unique Methodology

Mortgage Selector’s unique methodology helps define what you need from a mortgage.

There are five steps in this process:

Can you do the deal? What is the structure of the loan – Fixed/Variable, Interest Only or Principle and Interest? What is the functionality you need with the loan? For example, do you require cheque books or ATM access? Do you need savings accounts and online banking? What products currently exist on the market that allow you to achieve 2 and 3? Which lenders offer the product? What is the best pricing?

Working through each of these steps in combination with the use of Mortgage Selector‘s sophisticated loan profiling software ensures the right loan at the right price will be found for each client.


You’ve decided to purchase a property in Australia. So, what are the steps to secure a safe investment?

The first step is to determine your borrowing capacity. A mortgage broker from Mortgage Selector will calculate a figure to identify the amount you are eligible to borrow in Australia.

The next stage is pre-approval. During the pre-approval process, Mortgage Selector will submit all relevant information to a chosen lender. The lender will review your financial data to decide whether you are in the right situation to borrow money to purchase the property of your choice.

Pre-approvals remain valid for 3-6 months.

When you have found a property, a formal valuation and a Foreign Investor Review Board (FIRB) approval will be required to secure the loan.

These critical steps ensure you are safe throughout the purchase process, providing flexibility to ensure you secure finance.


What is Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approval?

The FIRB assesses applications from foreigners who would like to invest or buy a home in Australia. If you would like to buy real estate in Australia, either to live in or as an investment, then you may be required to obtain FIRB approval.

Please see the section that applies to your situation to find out whether you need FIRB approval.

Who does not need FIRB approval?

Australian Citizen

If you are an Australian expat living overseas, or an Australian citizen living in Australia:

  • You do not need approval from the FIRB.

  • You can buy a new property, existing property or vacant land.

  • You can live in the property or it can be an investment.


Permanent Resident

If you are a foreign national who has a permanent resident visa:

  • You do not need approval from the FIRB.

  • You can buy a new property, existing property or vacant land.

  • You can live in the property or it can be an investment.

New Zealand Citizen

If you are a New Zealand resident:

  • You do not need approval from the FIRB.

  • You can buy a new property, existing property or vacant land.

  • You can live in the property or it can be an investment.


Temporary Resident Buying With Australian Citizen Spouse

If you are on a temporary visa such as a spouse visa, 457 work visa or student visa and are buying the property with your Australian citizen spouse*:

  • You do not need FIRB approval if you are buying the property as ‘joint tenants’.

  • You will need FIRB approval if you are buying the property together as ‘tenants in common’.

  • You can buy a new property, existing property or vacant land.

  • You can live in the property or it can be an investment.

*Includes de facto partner (both same sex and different sex).

Who needs FIRB approval?

You will need FIRB approval if you fall into the following categories.

Temporary Resident

If you are on a temporary visa such as spouse visa, 457 work visa or student visa:

  • You need approval from the FIRB.

  • You can only buy one established dwelling and it must be to live in, however you will be required to sell it once you do not live there anymore.

  • You can buy an investment property, however it must be a new property or vacant land to build a new property.

  • You do not need FIRB approval if you are buying the property with an Australian citizen as ‘joint tenants’.

Foreign Investor

If you are a foreign investor:

  • You need approval from the FIRB.

  • The investment property must be a new property or vacant land to build a new property.

  • You cannot buy an established dwelling as an investment property.

  • You can buy a new property in your name and rent it out to your child if s/he is on a temporary visa.

Please refer to the FIRB website for the full details of eligibility.

Will it make a difference if you live in the property or not?

As a general rule, investment properties are accepted more readily. If you are on a temporary visa or work visa, you:

  • Can usually buy a new property or an established property.

  • Will usually be required to sell your home when you leave Australia.

If you obtain citizenship or permanent residency then you will not have to sell your property.

If you are a foreign citizen living overseas, you are unlikely to be allowed to buy a property to live in in Australia. This is because you do not have a valid visa allowing you to stay in Australia.

If you have been granted a temporary residency visa, you may be able to buy a home before you move.

If you are an Australian living overseas:

  • You can buy a property to live in in Australia if you can prove to your lender you will be able to afford the debt.

  • Either you will need to prove you will continue your employment in Australia, or that you have another income source.

Types of properties you can buy:

  • Investment properties: In most cases the Australian Government will approve applications to buy an investment property on the condition that it is a new property. You can often keep an investment property if you leave Australia.

  • Home (owner occupied) If you are buying a home you may be able to buy an established property (one that wasn’t recently built). You will be required to sell your property when your visa expires and you leave Australia.

  • Vacant land (investment)In most cases the Australian Government will approve applications to buy vacant land on the condition that you commence construction of a dwelling on the land within 24 months. You can often keep a property you have built as an investment property if you leave Australia.



At APG, we assist investors in purchasing property in Australia and other parts of Asia.

Whether clients seek their first home, a block to build on, a family home, a luxurious penthouse or an investment property, APG has the knowledge and the expertise to ensure the best possible outcome. When acquiring property for our clients, we guide buyers through the property market to ensure they achieve a lucrative investment. That is, a property with strong yields relative to the current market, and solid prospects for capital growth. We work with our team to ensure the right outcome is achieved for each of our clients.