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Australasian Property Group specialises in providing attractive opportunities to clients seeking to participate in the real estate market. APG uses its skills in project management and marketing to create innovative developments with a great upside, resulting in positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

We offer a wide spectrum of services across the entire property life cycle, assisting our clients on aspects of investing in the region. We believe a successful investment requires strong capital growth, low ongoing cost, significant tax benefits and investments that minimise risk, something we constantly strive to achieve.

Our strength lies in the ability to source and fund all segments of real estate. The company, through its carefully designed policies and procedures, provides its clients with great opportunities while keeping risk low. 

Why APG?

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Strong Partners

At APG, we work with trusted partners, developers, architects and builders with extensive track records, who bring something valuable and unique to our projects. Likewise, our extensive network often yields joint ventures with these partners, providing the ability to leverage our different skills to create a better outcome for all.


Strong Research Methodology

Successful property investment relies on making rational decisions based on the best information available. At AustralAsian Property Group, we apply a rigorous research methodology to each opportunity to ensure a comprehensive data set on which to make decisions. Our methodology ensures we can provide highly informed choices across the entire spectrum of property investment opportunities.

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We look at the bigger picture..

Our research methodology adopts a dual-pronged macro and micro approach to each investment.

At the macro level, we analyse both the regional market as well as the specificities of the local market, we evaluate the general socio-economic conditions of the region including employment data and population demographics, and we examine other important influences on the property market, such as flood and drought data. With key contacts on the ground in local and regional real estate markets, APG remains continually updated with the latest property trends across Australia.

At the micro level APG critically evaluates the specific investment opportunity. Data that is assessed includes the lot price, specific building cost, development expenses and a detailed breakdown of the costs and benefits of each project. We perform a full sensitivity analysis across a range of factors to create a bounded best- and worst-case return-on-investment table.
Each project analysis is meticulously scored, and if an opportunity does not meet a threshold score, we do not proceed. This methodology is explained further in our Investment Strategy section. This cautious approach to investment ultimately ensures that we maximize our success rate for APG’s investors.

What We Stand For

We believe it that every person should pursue and achieve financial security along with the other considerable personal benefits of successful investment.

We believe education and learning should precede action.

We believe successful investment requires strong capital growth, low ongoing cost, significant legal tax deductions and investment in assets that minimise risk.

what we stand for

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