WestEnd - October Update

Welcome to the latest project management update for WestEnd, Wickham. We hope you've been well since our last update.

Below you will find the latest update regarding the project, in addition to photos and videos of the site. The piling is continuing and is expected to be complete at the end of next month. The tower crane is also in place and is operational and this will remain until completion of the project.

We hope you will enjoy this development journey with us and if you have any queries along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Latest image update

Latest video update

Project management update

What has been happening with the project? All buildings on site have been demolished and pre-existing footings and concrete have been excavated. The installation of piles has begun which are drilled 11-12 metres into the ground and filled with concrete and steel.

What needs to happen to finish this stage of construction? The piling process is approximately 35% complete and will continue until all 240 are in the ground. On the 28th of September, the 60m high tower crane was erected and temporary power was hooked up through a diesel generator. Sheet piling around the sewer is complete and dewatering is currently underway to allow replacement works to commence. What will happen next?

The installation of piles will continue for the remainder of the month, with the installation of a new sewer line and in ground stormwater tanks also progressing.

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