WestEnd - January 2017 Update

WestEnd November 2016 update

Happy New Year and welcome to the latest project management update for WestEnd, Wickham. We hope you enjoyed the break and are looking forward to WestEnd making great progress in 2017.

Since the last update our contractor has been busy continuing to work over the Christmas and New Year period, taking only public holidays off to make considerable progress on-site. Below you will find additional information regarding updates on the project, as well as photos and videos of the site.

We hope you enjoy this update, and if you have any queries along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Project management update

What has been happening with the project? In the last month site works have ramped up, with the first suspended slab on the east tower being poured on January 6th, 2017. Form workers were back on-site on January 9th to form up columns. Pre-cast concrete panels were also installed on the northern and western perimeters on the east tower. Meanwhile concreters finished pouring all strip footings on the ground floor of the western tower. All sewer and stormwater connection provisions are complete in ground, and blockwork walls to Commercial Suite 4 are complete with 20% of the structural columns formed and poured.

What needs to happen to finish this stage of construction? Once the ground slab is poured on the western tower, the structural cycle will progress with a slab every 21-25 days. Subsequently, two towers will rise simultaneously. It is expected that after the landscaped podium level is poured in March, the structural cycle will quicken to a new level every 17-21 days. Back propping to the lower levels will be removed and be re-cycled as the structure progresses, thus making way for other trades to prepare and commence internal fitout. The eastern structure will top out at Level 10 with the western structure topping out at Level 9. What will happen next?

The next slab on the east tower is scheduled for the end of the month with the west tower ground slab to occur the same week. Once this occurs, the structural cycle of internal fitout will commence. Stripping back propping and cleaning levels will begin this cycle followed by internal stud works and sheeting.

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